Don’t Quit

theprcook Goals, Personal Development

Show me someone with a perfect life and I’ll show you a liar….

The struggle is real and today is one of those days. You feel fucked and yes, you’ve done some fucking up on your own. You are exhausted, defeated and about ready to give up on it all and slink back into your comfort zone. You are not alone. Many people who are striving towards something or trying to make a life change feel the exact same way. Don’t you DARE fucking quit!

Dig deep and don’t give up! In your weakest moments you must push through. There is power in your thoughts, if you believe that you can…you will. It’s all about your mindset and beliefs. If you are reading this I know you are fully capable of getting to the next milestone in your journey. Be unwavering in your confidence even when you feel you are falling short. If you have a cell phone with web browsing capabilities you basically have access to an on-demand support system. Find a podcast that encourages you or create an inspirational playlist. One of my favorite channels on YouTube is MotivationGrid. Their content includes compilations of sermons, movie quotes, and speeches geared towards pushing you beyond your mental limitations.

When we struggle, we feel ashamed. This shame prevents us from reaching out to people that may be able to help or uplift us. Self-talk and affirmations can be a great asset. I recently sat down with a notebook and asked myself, “Who am I?” From there I penned a long list of my attributes and words I used to describe myself. I read and re-read this list for the next 10 minutes, then began to tackle a project I was stuck on. I was no longer focused on my shortcomings. That exercise shifted my focus towards my strengths and I was able to apply those to my project.

If you are uncomfortable the urge to quit will creep in along with self-doubt. Don’t hesitate to reinvigorate your commitment to your goal by any healthy means necessary.