your best

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I was my best self during my pregnancy. Me…with my baby in my belly…at peace. Maybe it was the hormones but my calmness was nearly euphoric. My circumstances at that time created many uncertainties, but I was so optimistic.  Recently, I was pondering my next goal and that period of my life came to mind. I decided THAT was the headspace I needed to be in to move forward.  

Are you at your best or doing the best you can? There are times in our lives when we must ask ourselves that question. When you can answer honestly, it’s time to press forward.  Keep in mind its okay to be either one or both but you have to know where you are. 

SEEK SOLITUDE + be okay with being alone. When we think of being alone  or isolated, it’s usually not a good feeling. I believe this is because we are taught at a very early age to make friends, join the crowd and be a team player. There is nothing wrong with this, however this learned behavior can deter us from being okay when we find ourselves alone.  It can also deter us from stepping outside the boundaries of the norm. In order to grow, we have to get beyond what “everyone else is doing” because what they’re doing may not be what’s best for YOU. Solitude forces you to look in the mirror and be alone with your thoughts. No influences or distractions. Use your time alone to honestly evaluate whatever situation you are trying to figure out. Write down your thoughts. 

FIGHT DOUBT + Let me warn you, its NOT easy. There will be obstacles and setbacks. There will be situations to make you reconsider and hesitate. You have to be hungry! You have to be laser focused on reaching the position you seek. When “damn, why am I doing this” and  doubt creeps in, answer back with a solution and a confident answer. Because I’m going to win. Because this is my passion. Because I want more. Because I want my joy. Because I want to be the best version of myself. The biggest mistake you can make and the fastest route to self doubt is allowing yourself to be affected by energy that does not support the path you are on. When I speak of energy I mean the naysayers (family, friends, co-workers can play this role).

The keyword in the question and answer is you. If you’re not where you want to be, how can you get there and what does that look like? That is your vision! Your next step is to identify what it will take to get you there…then take action and start putting those moves in motion.